How A Bug Free Mind Works

How Creating A Bug Free Mind – The Secret To Progress… Works!

Thousands of books have been written on success and how to attain it. Creating A Bug Free Mind, however, tackles the problem in a new unique way. The information contained in the book has been pulled together from numerous different places and fitted together with the author’s own unique take on how to achieve the mindset of a successful person. The book is a process of removal; removing faulty thinking which is actually blocking a person’s success from happening. A simplified explanation is that people self-sabotage themselves, yet they do not know why or how they do it. The book likens the problem to one of attempting to load good software onto a computer that already has a virus. Of course this will not work. Well, the same is true about how success is created. People try to create success by sticking some new training into their minds.

However, because their mind is already full of junk programming, which is not capable of working and is now just a virus preventing any new software from working, they end up with the result of nothing working. Therefore they remain unsuccessful.

What this book does is, first highlights the problems to people, as currently they cannot see these invisible roadblocks to their success. And because they cannot see them, they are not able to remove them. So the book reveals the problems to them in a sort of very soft way, which means they are, for the first time, able to notice how they have been preventing their own success. The books work differently than most books on success because they teach it in a way that reveals the problems as if they already knew the answer. It does this so that it is not trying to insert new programming into the mind.

Now, when people see how what they are doing has been hurting them, it becomes very simple to not do it anymore. It is like they are carrying a lot of heavy luggage which they do not need. All the book does is show them how each particular piece of luggage is hindering their journey rather than aiding it. Once anyone notices they are carrying something they do not need, it requires no effort to put it down.

The real power of the book though is not contained in the education contained within it. This can be gained from multiple other places. True, it is a concise work which brings the most salient work together. However, the real strength and power of the book for the reader is in the teaching style. The book has been designed in a way that it teaches one person, not many. Then through a conversational style of writing, mixed with frequent repetition and detailed tasks to be completed, gives the reader a practical step-by-step way to stop self-sabotaging and remove self-limiting beliefs. They can then clear all the junk that builds up in the mind of a person who does not yet have the successful life they desire.

Over time, the book works like an anti-virus and repeat reading is necessary to remove the re-emergence of a virus in exactly the same way as a computer’s anti-virus works. A person moves through life and is exposed to all sorts of things which damage their success mindset. However, a re-read is a re-tune and this enables the individual to keep their mind under control so that they can go about creating their success without any ‘bugs’ in their mind. The books explain a simple process someone can use to service their mind in a similar way as a garage mechanic would service a car. A mind goes out of tune in the same way as a cars engine goes out of tune and this book works as if it’s an engine ‘tune-up.’

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How Using A Bug Free Mind – Manifestation Unleashed… Works

This book carries on from Creating A Bug Free Mind and deals with the transition phase. This is the time in-between first starting to fully regain control of which thoughts help and which ones hurt. To the time of being in control of which thoughts you allow to assist your journey to success.Then after that phase there is an education into a new way of thinking that works in a very similar way to a computer operating system. It is a base, a way of thinking, which allows anything the individual desires to now be put into their mind and worked on, unhindered, from self-sabotage. It is down to the individual to ensure that what they choose to install will actually deliver the success they desire.

There is a careful set of instructions and techniques to follow to ensure that the reader is able to choose exactly the way to design their success plan, so that it fits exactly the life they desire. Considerable thought is required at this stage. However, the thought is mainly just the reader daydreaming about what their ideal life would be, then formalising it into a plan that they can set about and achieve.

Once they have completed what the book describes as their designs for their life, then it moves into what is called the anti-virus phase. This is where the reader is given a lot of new concepts about the new obstacles that may or may not appear in their future. These concepts serve as an anti-virus so that when a future situation arises, the reader is already prepared for it and is able to handle it correctly. Therefore preventing their self-sabotaging mentality regaining prominent position in their minds.

Again, this is a reference book and is designed to be consumed and then re-read multiple times until a new prominent way of thinking is established. After that has been achieved, the occasional re-read is required to keep your mind tuned to the new way of thinking.

The end result of the process in both books is to enable someone to create the mindset of a successful person.

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How Becoming A Bug Free World Online Mastermind Community Member… Works

The site contains 90% of the material that is contained in the books, and it contains all the latest material which is being updated each week on success mindset techniques. It delves into little quirks that are revealed as site members come up against problems. It also provides answers and clarifications to book readers’ questions.

The site provides a number of success tools that the site’s author has designed to aid with creating the site members’ success. It is also a safety environment from the outside world, allowing people of like minds to come together and work like a mastermind group, all aiding each other’s success. The site is a place to meet, help and be helped by others who are on similar journeys.

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